Healthy Snack Ideas

I know it is hard to think of healthy snacks, so I created this go-to list of stuff we regularly eat. Partly  for you, and partly for me to look back to when I forget the good stuff.

My list of healthy snack ideas:

  • fruit – any kind is awesome, pretty sure this is obvious?
  • peanut butter – use as a dip for fruit, or serve as a PB lollipop by handing your kids/yourself a spoonful to clean, or with crackers, celery
  • garbanzo beans – I buy the canned version from Trader Joe’s and rinse off all the salt, voila – snack!
  • black beans – kids love them, and so do I, rinse off the salt and serve
  • popcorn – I like to make it on the stove with canola oil, but it is messy. I found a recipe on the Snack Girl blog, she has an awesome, simple way to make your own in the microwave that is so easy and clean up is nothing.
  • veggies with or without dips, like hummus – cut up carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, green beans
  • cheese – string cheese, block cheese cut up with ak mak whole wheat crackers, cottage cheese with pineapple
  • plain yogurt or plain greek yogurt with honey plus fruit – dear lord, that is good stuff
  • nuts – my kid is allergic to tree nuts, so kids only do peanuts, but I LOVE almonds, especially the roasted and lightly salted
  • whole wheat pasta – any kind, make a bunch and store it in the fridge
  • dried fruit like raisins, apricots, plums – seriously, my kid loves them, and I do, too, although limit yourself! dangerous stomach rumbling
  • edamame – I buy the frozen, shelled, organic from the local grocery and it takes ~ 15 minutes to prepare with boiling the water
  • smoothies – I don’t think you can mess this up, okay I shouldn’t have said that. We add plain yogurt, banana (freeze those that you need to throw out and use them in smoothies!), frozen berries (b/c they are cheaper than fresh), milk, honey and sometimes spinach or kale
  • cheerios
  • puffs – we get these kamut puffs in a big bag at whole foods and my youngest loves them, pretty tasty
  • more to come…

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