Theories on Food/Exercise/Life


  • I try to use as many ‘whole’ foods as possible in each meal – fruits and veggies are imperative. Whenever I can sneak in fruits and vegetables, I feel like a champion.
  • If a recipe has more than 7 ingredients, I refuse to use it. Most of the things I make are terribly simple, but tasty.
  • Use 100% whole wheat whenever possible. If it doesn’t say 100% whole wheat, then you might as well buy white bread.
  • Organic is okay, but not necessary to eat healthy. It’s really expensive to buy organic and I’m just not sold on it. Maybe this will be my regret one day, we will see.
  • The kids and I eat every 2-2.5 hours throughout the day – sounds crazy, but it works to keep us all happy. And none of us has a weight problem. We eat small snacks throughout the day, and 3 larger meals.
  • It’s okay to have treats, and crappy road food sometimes, moderation is key. Sometimes you can’t help it, if there is no time to prepare, or you just need a bowl of ice cream. It’s fine, just don’t do it every day, or even twice a week.


  • Exercise makes you happy, it might be hard at the time, but if you want to smile, or make your kids smile, get them to run around outside – seriously, it’s that easy. Get off the couch, turn the television off, and go run around outside.
  • We exercise every day we are able, a 15 minute walk at the pace of a 3.5 year old counts as exercise in my book. The days we don’t exercise usually involve a lot of crying and whining – and the kids are awful, too.
  • I try to workout 3-4 times/week – run/bike/jog/walk fast/hike/ski/swim/skip/hula hoop – anything that gets my heart rate up.
  • I’ll think of more soon…


  • I’m not sure what to put here. Try to find balance, I know that is next to impossible, but at least you’ll know you tried.
  • Go to bed at a decent time – it will help you sleep more soundly. And get up around the same time every day – we are tied to the sun and the moon and it seriously affects your mood to pretend like you aren’t. Your body needs to see the sun early to set you in a good mood. They teach you that with babies, it helps them differentiate day and night so you aren’t up ALL night with them. I think adults need this sun exposure, too.

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