Glass/Counter cleaner recipe

I know everyone out there is just dying to learn this natural glass cleaner recipe, on the second day of the new year. I’ve been meaning to post this recipe because I absolutely love it, but I kept forgetting, probably because it is so exciting. (Can you tell I’m being sarcastic?) Anyway, a friend suggested this and it is simple to make, and works better on glass than the store-bought cleaners I’ve tried. Some advice when using it: spray less cleaner than you normally would, use a little more elbow grease, and let it dry for a little bit before deciding whether or not you like it. Since there is vinegar in it, you can also use it on your kitchen counters, too. One cleaner for multiple jobs, score!


  • 1/4 cup vinegar
  • 2 cups water
  • squirt of castile soap

Mix it together in a spray bottle (that you can buy for $.99 at Lowe’s) and voila! – you made your own glass cleaner. I could not find castile soap when I went to the grocery store and had to ask the manager. At Harris Teeter they keep the castile soap in the natural/organic section on the same aisle as baby products, like diapers. Just fyi.

Good luck and happy cleaning in 2013!


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